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Facebook Ads Cost and it’s Policies 2023

If you're considering advertising your company on Facebook, you likely have one inquiry:

If you're considering advertising your companyon Facebook, you likely have one inquiry:

How much does Facebook advertising cost?

The factors that influence your Facebookadvertising cost include your industry, competitors, time of year, time of day,audience targeting, and ad content. To reduce your advertising expenses, themost significant action you can take is to measure your performance and makedata-driven adjustments to your campaigns.

The average cost of Facebook ads in 2023 is

● $0.26 – $0.30 per click,

● $1.01 – $3.00 per 1000impressions,

● $0.00 – $0.25 per like, and $0.00– $5.00 per download.

The costs associated with Facebook advertisingare not arbitrary; they fluctuate based on factors such as industry, campaigntype, and the time of year. Interestingly, the industry you operate in can havea significant impact.

For instance, if you're in the food andbeverage industry, you might encounter an average cost per click (CPC) of$0.42. However, if you're in the finance sector, be prepared for a potentiallyhigher CPC, which could reach up to $3.89.

How does Facebook ads pricing work?

Facebook provides different bid strategies,with the most prevalent being an auction-style format. In this format, you seta budget, and Facebook automatically places bids on each ad placement, aimingto achieve optimal results within that budget.

If you're new to Facebook ads, it's advisableto utilize the automated bidding strategies. Advanced users have the option toset manual bid caps, but this approach requires a thorough comprehension ofyour anticipated return on investment (ROI) and average conversion rates inorder to be effective.

There’s more than one aspect of your Facebookads cost:

● Overall account spend

● Ad spend per campaign

● Daily budget (if using thismethod)

● Cost per action or conversion

● Return on ad spend (ROAS)

● Average bid per ad

Factors that affect Facebook ad cost

1 .Time of year and holidays

Imagine this scenario: running advertisementsfor flowers on July 15 would cost $1.40, while the cost of advertising flowerson February 13 would skyrocket to $89.99.

Although these figures are not based on actualdata, they illustrate the concept well. Timing plays a crucial role, as costscan vary significantly during different seasons, holidays, or exclusiveindustry events. A classic illustration of this phenomenon is the advertising frenzysurrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

2 .Your bidding strategy

Facebook offers a selection of three distinctbidding strategies to choose from. Selecting the appropriate strategy for yourcampaign can lead to a significant reduction in costs.

Regardless of the strategy chosen, you willstill need to establish your overall campaign budget, which can be either adaily budget or a total lifetime budget.

● Budget-based bidding

These strategies are budget-centric, allowingyou to choose between the following options:

1. Lowest cost: Maximize conversions withinyour budget by achieving the lowest cost per conversion or cost per result.

2. Highest value: Allocate a higher budget perconversion, prioritizing actions that yield higher-value outcomes, such asselling larger items or acquiring valuable leads.

● Goal-based bidding

These strategies aim to maximize the outcomesof your advertising expenditure:

1. Cost cap: This strategy focuses ongenerating the highest number of conversions or actions while maintainingrelatively consistent costs on a monthly basis. It provides predictableprofitability, although costs may still fluctuate.

2. Minimum return on ad spend (ROAS): This strategyis the most ambitious, as it allows you to set a desired return percentage,such as a 120% ROI. Ads Manager will then optimize your bids in an attempt toachieve this target.

● Manual bidding

Manual bidding, as the name suggests, enablesyou to establish a maximum bid for all ad auctions within your campaign.Facebook will then bid up to your specified cap to secure ad placements. Thisapproach can lead to cost-effective results, provided that you possess therequisite expertise in Facebook Ads and utilize your own analytics to determinethe appropriate bid amounts.

What to do if your ad is rejected or your business asset is restricted

Createa new ad or edit your ad

You may create a new ad or edit your ad tocomply with Facebook policies. These ads will be treated as new ads andreviewed by their ad review system. Check this page for editing steps.

Requestanother review

If you believe that the ad, ad account, useraccount, Page or business account was incorrectly rejected or restricted, youcan request a review of the decision

Facebook ad rule: how to get your ad approved faster

According to Facebook, ads review is a simplethree-step process:

● You submit or edit an ad.

● Your ad is reviewed.

●  Your ad is either approved ordenied

Facebook typically reviews ads within a24-hour timeframe. However, the actual approval process can vary significantly,with some ads being approved within minutes and others taking several days.

While there is no official expedite functionwithin Facebook's ad review policy, there are certain actions you can take thatmight assist in expediting the process.

What if my ad is stuck in review?

If your ad has not been addressed within 24hours, you have two alternatives to resolve the issue. The first option is tosubmit a form to request a review forcefully.

Alternatively, you can engage in a chat withFacebook support via the Facebook Business Help Center. It is advisable toinitially opt for the first option and resort to the chat option only if theform submission proves unsuccessful.

What happens if my ad is denied?

In the event that your ad is rejected,Facebook will inform you of the specific rule that has been violated on yourFacebook Account Quality page.

Generally, a few violations will only resultin the denial of those particular ads. However, if you consistently demonstratea pattern of violating Facebook's ad rules or if the violation is severe,Facebook may take additional measures, such as disabling, restricting, orrevoking your account.

Hence, be careful to adhere to Facebookguidelines when setting up your ads.

Facebook Ads Rules to Follow to Get Your Ad Approved

1 . Ensurethat you do not advertise prohibited products: Priorto creating any ads or committing to advertising on Facebook, verify that yourproducts are not subject to an automatic ban on Facebook ads.

2 . Itis crucial to utilize high-quality, relevant, and truthful creative content: Even if you are promoting an approved and unrestricted product, yourads may be denied during the Facebook ads review process if your creativecontent does not adhere to the provided guidelines. Creative contentencompasses text, images, videos, and URLs.

3 .Exercise caution when advertising restricted products: Certain products require additional considerations before they can beadvertised on Facebook. If your business operates within one of theseindustries, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the extra stepsrequired to obtain approval for your ads.

In Conclusion

In 2023, businesses must understand the costand policies of Facebook Ads to make the most of this advertising platform.Factors like ad objectives, target audience, ad placement, and competitionaffect the cost of running ads. Adhering to Facebook's policies is crucial tomaintain a positive user experience and avoid penalties. By strategizing andcomplying with the policies, businesses can effectively use Facebook Ads toachieve their marketing goals.

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